Ruminations on Registering

To register or not to register.
To include in the wedding announcements that wiley, easily lost piece of paper detailing through whom you are registered – or not.
There seems to be two differing schools of thought on the subject, and it just so happens that I (Wesley) belong to one, and my dear fiancee belongs to the other.

As most of you know or have already assumed, I am and probably always will be the lesser informed one of the relationship when it comes to social graces, niceties, and the such. In fact, I’ll probably always be the lesser _______ (fill in the blank) in the relationship, which is why I am marrying my sweetheart – it’s a form a self-improvement. But I digress.
So I’ve always assumed the conjoining couple is in a way obligated to include this nugget of information – it eases the buying burden of those looking to temporally bless the burgeoning bride and her lesser half. People want to help the happy couple and any direction, by way of a registry, that can be provided is, I’ve always assumed, appreciated.
My lovely, blushing bride-to-be believes it shows too much chutzpah and effrontery on the part of the new couple. After all, it’s basically a shameless announcement proclaiming to one and all to “buy us stuff!”
Both sides of the argument present convincing and valid points. I was tempted to agree with Amber and not register, but the selfish git in me wouldn’t allow it. Ever comprimising and accomodating, Amber suggested this alternative – we register at a couple of places, leave announcement of it out of the mailed marriage announcements, and post links to where we have registered here on our blog.
So now, for those of you gracious and kind enough to help us out in beginning our new life together, and needing some suggestions or guidance in what you can get us and where, links to the places we are registered with are provided in the links portion of this site, right there on the side of the page.

A big “THANK YOU” goes out to everyone that has helped, is helping, and continues to help us out.


PS – I typed this entry while listening to Glen Phillips’ album “Winter Pays for Summer” which he released earlier this year. Glen Phillips is the former lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket. It is a most excellent album which would appeal to listeners of bands like Jars of Clay, Toad the Wet Sprocket, early Elton John, Wilco, Billy Joel, and other good music. Contact me if this appeals to you and you’re interested in obtaining a copy.


4 thoughts on “Ruminations on Registering

  1. i’m so opposed to the whole registry thing that even talking about our opposition is unclassy. don’t you think? obviously my other half disagrees. it’s making me uneasy. queasy. cheesy.

  2. I vote for registration…. We who love you want to get something that will be liked, and used by the happy couple.. Gift Cards turn me OFF in the case of a wedding gift…Too impersonal!!Beside who wants to stand in line after line returning something you neither like or need….I choose to know what your colors are, and what you need….Or more importantly….NEED!!!!!!Thank you for your time….Grams

  3. In the matter of the discussion above, we tend to like the process of the registry format. In our past experiences of its use, it vastly worked well to our favor and/or advantage.. we appropriately received, “liked” and “needed” gifts without the problematic violations of the copyright laws of the fair gift giving policy , where you may have aptly received a gorgeous mixing blender twice in one occasion…. Though Twice is double the fun, it may not be abundently needed or wanted….Love Us

  4. To whom it may concern:We have found a violation in the registry processing procedures. While observing the scribes and visiting the on line shopping apparel, we noticed there being two columns, the “want it” column and the “got it” column. With todays wordly temptations and droolings of the unknown, one who buys these gifts would have hope of the receivers not looking at the “got it” column. Unless further hidden laws are involved that we are not aware of, we find this to be a short coming in the registry process.Wes 1 point Amber 1 Point.

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