i love my wessie he’s sweet as can be…..

when i met wes he was to me like sunshine on a frozen lake. he taught me to love without cautioun and without fear. he is a dream. our first date we talked for 4 hours straight missing both drive-in movies completely. he informed me that although i am 2 1/2 years older that he is 2 1/2 years smarter – because he’s 5 years smarter than most people. i loved him on our first date. and then a week later i was sick and he brought me soup and medicine everyday. he slept on the couch because he said i looked so sick he daren’t leave me alone.

he softens me and i push him. where i am blunt he is tactful. where he is lazy i am quick. where i am curt he is sweet. where he procrastinates i deliver. he is understanding and patient. he covets me and still allows me to shine brightly and fiercely without either of us needing to apologize for it. he is what i wanted and more – a true partner, one who accepts and loves me as i am and as i want to be, he is loving and faithful, he is devoted and smart, he is witty and sly and i’ve never laughed or smiled more than when i’m with him.



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