liberty enlightening the world

i took a tour inside this beautiful green lady. i’m an expert now. ask me anything – i’ll know. why is she green? because she oxidized. why is the original torch sitting in a museum? because americans poked holes in it trying to make it light up. where is she from? she’s a gift from the french – they conceived the idea of ending all grievances between USA and france with a big lady. who is the architect? gustave eiffel (of the eiffel tower). how many shipments did it take? over 300. what is her waist size? 35 feet. yay. what is her favorite date? november 24th. who is her favorite couple? wes and i. and she’s our favorite statue of liberty 🙂 she is where it all began. right on that corner of the pedestal in the freezing wind. it was beautiful.



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