Much of my time this week has been consumed with volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. This is my 4th year up there and all four years have been spent at the Yarrow Hotel venue. For the past two years, the Yarrow has been exclusively a press venue, and also facilitates all of the discussion panels. So far I’ve seen a handful of excellent films, including the Danish films Adam’s Apples and Allegro, a film Tilda Swinton produced and starred in called Stephanie Daley, and a film that Matt Dillon starred in called Factotum. I was also lucky enough to watch the panel discussion called Brave New World: Entertainment and Social Change, which featured Robert “The Sundance Kid” Redford, Pat Mitchell (president of PBS), Jeff Skoll (founder of Ebay and president of Participation Productions which made such movies as “Good Night and Good Luck,” “Syriana,” and “North Country.”), among others.
Anyway, if you’re at all interested, click on the links.

This post may not have the usual spark – heat, if you will – that my posts usually have. It’s because it’s been almost two days since I’ve seen my muse. I slept over in Heber City (where I work) last night after my Sundance shift, so I haven’t been down in the valley for about two days. It’s cold up here. Really cold.


3 thoughts on “Sundancing

  1. So by chance did you get to see any stars?? I mean I know you are a star yourself but I was just curious if you were able to see anyone else 🙂

  2. he practically made out with justin timberlake!!! jk – wes met his hero bob redford, justin timberlake, the drummer for metallica (blah) and the drummer for the monkeys (yessss).any other wes?amber

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