I’ll pretend it hasn’t been year…

So this will be the first of a couple of update posts. Not that we have a regular readership, but since we don’t keep a journal or anything it’ll be cute for our grand kids to look back and laugh at how “they used to have the Internet on computers.”
One of the more exciting events during the holidays was the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party we had at our house. Brandon, Anna, and Grant Shirley, Paul Merten, Patrick and Debbie Newey, and Darin Poulsen came over (so basically it was a Bulgar Fest) so as to be festive with each other.

Much eating of fancy appetizers and drinking of seasonal beverages was done by all. My questions are, #1 – What is that thing emanating from Brandon’s crotch, and #2 – How does Paul still look like a freaking model even whilst donning an ugly sweater?
Of course, after the eating came the merry-making. The women left us men to our competitive machinations and we indulged ourselves in a couple hours of Mario Kart 64. And, as usual, I had by butt handed to me on a regular basis.

Here’s Amber and I enjoying ourselves. I like seeing Amber ham it up like that. I think it’s cute.

Oh yeah, and Amber has brown hair now (as you’ll see by the picture). Naturally, I think it’s hot. I’m not sure if I prefer blond or brunette – they both are just so becoming. Here’s a super-hot picture of my babe while driving.

Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll update you, the insatiable reader, on my Sundance 2007 exploits!


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