The Road to Kazanlak

Every time Wes says Kazanlak the people here pretend they don’t know what he’s saying. Then they’ll search and search in their minds for what he’s saying and so “oh you mean KaZUNlak” – he changes one tiny emphasis and they can’t for the life of them understand it. It’s so funny. Anyway, I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about the raod to Kazanlak. It was pretty painful. We decided to take a “short-cut” which ended up taking us way longer and we were bouncing around on these horrid cobblestone roads, driving by a bunch of carts driven by donkeys, and finally wound and wound and wound ourselves up this mountain. Most of those who know me will understand why this made me so sick. I HATE BEING THE IN CAR. I get so car sick. I felt wretched. I finally begged Wes to pull over so I could just go to sleep and get over it.

We finally got to our destination which was a little passed Kazanlak near the Shipska memorial. We saw this really cool church AND I got to speak English to some missionaries we ran into there. YAY! I was so excited when Wes pointed out this kid who had a BYU shirt on. I’ve been quite mute here – Wes does all the talking for us since nobody can understand what I say. So it was great to speak English. Then Wes and I went to the Spaceship – this really cool HUGE dome thing on top of this mountain. It’s all ancient communist stuff – the big wigs of communism I guess used to go up and have their secret meetings there. Wes says it used to be really plush. But now everything has been torn down, ripped up and trashed. We snuck in through a hole that was left open. It was freezing in and there and I kept freaking myself out that commies were hiding in there and were going to come out with guns and get us. But they didn’t. Wes acted all cool, calm and collected as usual. But that place is just creeeeeepy.

Anyway, so that was our day. The road back from Kazanlak was much more pleasant. We took the longer, more scenic route and the roads were great. Poor Wes was so pissed off that he didn’t go that way to begin with. I know he felt really bad. After we got back to Plovdiv we went to eat at a restaurant called Arena that had a picture of a girl’s naked bum on the logo.

Everyone puts feta on everything here. The salads, the french fries – everything you can think of. For lunch we had fries, chips and cucumbers. And then a meat patty that looked like a hamberger but tasted like sausage. I am going to pretend that I had what one of the missionaries had – it was the patty in a bun with cucumbers and tomatoes and a really yummy-looking sauce. I was really jealous of his sandwich. I kept staring at it and I think he was getting nervous eating it in front of me. Oooh and I had Fanta – that was really good. They have it in like every color here. I am determined to drink all of them. For breakfast Wes ran around Plovdiv and found some sweet rolls. Mine had something like vanilla pudding in it that was really good. And for dinner I had one little chicken skewer that was good and a Shopska (Sofian salad) but I’m getting pretty sick of those. The best part was the hot chocolate I ordered. I think I’ll live on that for the rest of the time I’m here.

What is up with the girls being so skinny here? It’s like they don’t eat anything. And I think they don’t! The ones I saw at the restaurant only had alcohol and cigarretes. They wear really tight clothes too – tight jeans, skirts, etc. Plus they almost all wear nylons (fancy ones with cool designs) under their jeans. I keep wondering how they breathe. I hate tight things on my stomach. The men wear really good looking jeans – I think I want to find some for Wes since he’ll look SO much hotter than all of them in them. Anyway, that’s all for now!


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