Ring around the rosies

Have I mentioned that there are flower stands are nearly every corner in Sofia? They smell so good and they do the coolest arrangements with them. I saw a flower arrangement with a pineapple in it the other day. Anyway, I thought it was interesting enough to mention. At least something smells good in Sofia!

Today we took it relatively easy. We walked around a lot – but took more breaks. We went to this really cool underground church that dates back to the 11th century! It was small and smelly but pretty cool. And then we walked to this palace of culture thing which was in this awesome huge park. Wes can tell you more about what that is about but I just really thought it was pretty. We also went on this bridge called Lover’s Bridge or something like that. It just goes across a busy street but it’s got a pretty name. Tonight we walked around Sofia one last time; we leave really really early in the morning tomorrow. Wes and I took silly pictures of each other and enjoyed the beautiful weather here.

Palenchetta – I have no idea if I spelled that right – is really good. It’s crepe, basically, and you can get a bunch of fruit or whatever in it. I had bananas and chocolate. They mix oranges and chocolate a lot and that’s what Wes got. Let’s see, what else did we eat: tonight we went to the Big Chicken and got (surprise) chicken and mashed potatoes. And then ordered this thing I can’t remember the name of that tasted like rice pudding.

Today I just realized that I’m taller than almost all the Bulgarian women here. I don’t know how I could have missed that. But I didn’t realize it until I went to try on shoes. Shoe after shoe was too small – they never went big enough to fit my feet! And then I realized all of the Bulgarki are not only skinny – they are short. And if they come even close to my height, it’s only because I’m wearing flats and they’re wearing 3-inch heels. Hmm, so there shorties.


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