Sofia, thy name is sore, blistered feet

Yeah, so we walked around a lot in Sofia today (Thursday). We went everywhere there is to go in the main part of the city. A lot has changed, and I took pictures of the changes for you Bulgaria connoisseures out there (there’s no more “den of thieves,” the holy water spouts by the djumaya (mosque) have been removed and replaced by a big, decorative fountain, Bulgarians actually completely run the church building in Sofia).
Speaking of that, we made a stop by the old church building/mission home. It was in the area and Amber needed a break. We went in and Amber was able to snooze on the couch downstairs (in the rec room where the ping-pong table now lies in shambles). I chatted with Sis. Nadejda, who I knew from my days with Merten in the Center branch at the old Tsar Boris III street building. That was fun. It was weird being in the church building. Everything has stayed the same, which was sort of disconcerting. I think because it conjured up all of these weird memories of when I was a missionary – I was a different person then, the work was hard and frustrating, and it was a time where I was basically devoting all of my emotional and spiritual faculties to helping people out with the gospel. I can’t imagine doing that now, or at least doing it without having that calling and mantle of a “missionary.” But this helped me out – I was flipping through the new brouchure/booklet that the made about the church here in Bulgaria and there was a picture of the primary kids doing the nativity scene, and one of the little girls (now 6 or 7 years old) was part of a family that I baptized (she was just a tiny baby at the time). That means at least one of her parents is still active, and so is she.
When we finally go back to the hostel, we were introduced to our new room. It’s large and nice, with a great bathroom! I didn’t waste any time walking back to the old hostel, carrying our two suitcases back to the new one, then going back and carrying our two carry-on bags also! My feet – from the day’s walking and touring the city – were sooooo sore. But it was worth it, and I’m not one to be slowed down by sore feet.
We took many pictures so everyone will be able to enjoy Sofia, too!
Oh yeah, so I just checked to see how the Jazz have been doing this week – what the heck happened to them?!?!?!? Has the ghost of past Jazz teams come back to haunt them? I officially have no confidence that they’ll do anything in the playoffs. Oh well, the NFL draft is just a couple weeks away…


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