Walking, walking, walking

We walked all over Sofia today. Or at least I felt like we were all over it – I think we were only on a very small corner. We walked around this area where they have tons if little tents set up with loads of books in Bulgarian. Wes wants to translate a book from Bulgarian to English and he was scouring over them to find some. Meanwhile, I went to a pizza stand and ordered a pizza slice ALL BY MYSELF with my limited Bulgarian. I could only order what I wanted but I couldn’t understand whe he said back so I just stared blankly at him and then pretended I didn’t hear him. He probably thought I was so weird. I gave him my money and took the pizza and the change, quite proud of myself.

There’s this cathedral here – called Alexandre Nevki (sp?) cathedral, built by the Bulgarians in honor of the Bulgarians, Romanians, etc who fought bravely against the Ottoman empire in 1877-1878. The cathedral is huge – and very black inside. The religion here is Orthodox and boy do the people live up to that connotation. Wes was wearing a visor in the church and got scolded by an old Babba for it. Right around the Nevki cathedral there is a St. Sofia church and a bunch of other really cool buildings that we took pictures of. Then we went to the Bulgarian mission home. Wes wanted to see it and I wanted to use the potty so we hung out there and Wes talked to one of the members. I’m sure Wes will tell you all about it and how strange it was to be back.

Then we went shopping! They have this huge bazaar set up with tons of fresh fruit and vegetables near the shopping district of Sofia. Then as you go up the other side they have pots and baking things and clothes. I didn’t find anything there so we went over to the malls and I found a couple things. Then we came back to the hostel and rested up for a bit before dinner. Everyone is really nice here.

I finally got to eat steamed vegetables tonight – we totally cheated and went to this Italian restaurant where they had an English menu. I got tortellini in a cream sauce and steamed vegetables. But I also ordered garlic bread which was a huge mistake. It smelled like gasoline – I’m not kidding. It was really a flatbread with so much burnt garlic on it I’ll be surprised if I don’t still smell like it even after a shower just from sitting by it. I couldn’t eat it. Oh they have dunkin’ donuts here – I can’t forget to mention that. Wes was blown away – that’s definitely a new addition. And in true D&D form, they have them on every corner of the Sofian mainstreets. I had a dark chocolate one and hot chocolate. It was so good. And some pizza today. So nothing really foreign – sorry I’m a cheat.

I don’t really like shopping in Bulgaria. The stores are really cramped and crowded and you feel like nobody wants to help you because they aren’t overly friendly. And then you feel like crap for putting them to all this work and not buying anything. Plus it’s coupled with the fact that I don’t understand what they’re saying so maybe they are but I can’t tell. Everything I hear comes second-hand through Wes. And did I tell you they shake their heads for yes and nod their heads for no????? Omigosh it’s so confusing. Seeing someone smiling while shaking their heads is so bizarre to me. And the funniest and worst part of it is that my husband does it now – even when we’re alone! It’s only a litle bit funny.


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