Newest Warren Addition

Wes and I are very excited to announce the newest Hawkins-Warren addition! Though he is only about an inch long, he’s making a huge impact in our life already – today, for example, I rushed out of the house a little too quickly for work and must have disturbed him a little too much, so he made up for it by making me SO sick in the car that I had to pull over in the nearest gas station to throw up in their trash can. With a ton of people sitting in traffic watching. Very pleasant I know, but I’m the one that had to do it! So you can just be forced to hear about it.

This is our ultra sound that we had last week. I had another one yesterday from my doctor and it was so crazy – she bounced the ultra sound nodule thing on my stomach and said “let’s wake this little critter up” and then held it still and we could see the embryo lurch and move all angry that we had disturbed his slumber. It was SO freaking cute! I don’t know why I keep calling him a he, but I do. So in about 10 weeks if I’m wrong, sue me.

Wes and I are thrilled about being pregnant. Wes is the best husband/caretaker/servant/lover I can imagine. He takes so much responsibility off me that it’s bliss. Well, not bliss really since I’ve been really sick, but I can’t imagine what it would be like without him being so wonderful to me. Right now I’m 9 weeks and 6 days – so pretty much 10 weeks. ALMOST past my first trimester thank goodness!

Things that help with nausea (this is a note for myself): salty foods like pretzels and saltines and sour things like oranges and lemon heads.

Things I like to eat: Subway sandwiches, Top Ramen noodles (gross, I know, but it tastes stellar right now), vegetables with good dip, cheese, chocolate milk and orange juice.

I’m not really craving anything right now – it’s more of like what can I eat that doesn’t make me want to die. But I’ll keep updating this because I know I’ll find it useful if I do this again or if anyone asks for advice.


4 thoughts on “Newest Warren Addition

  1. Oh, I’m so excited! I don’t think anything helped with my nausea but the only thing that didn’t gross me out to eat were Krispy Kreme donuts and Crown Burger fries.

  2. If you’re going to be posting baby updates I think it is better to speak a more general langauge. For example, instead of saying that you are 8 or 10 weeks along say, “I have a jumbo shrimp or a small zucchini in my stomach this week.” I love the blog, I’ll check it now that Anna posted the link on our family blog. Congrats!

  3. Wes & Amber;You two never cease to amaze me…I read your blog and come away so much more intelligent than I ever would be without having read it!!! I love you two!!!Grams

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