As the belly grows…

this picture was taken two weeks ago, but I took a picture today and it looks exactly the same. i’m 16 weeks now. i am not big enough to fit nicely into maternity clothes but i’m too big to fit comfortably in my regular clothes. so GREAT, people who don’t know just think i’m getting fat.

wes and i decided to chart our baby’s progress but we haven’t had any more ultrasounds so we just get to take a picture of the outside of our baby.

we get to have a real ultra sound in a month that determines the baby’s gender so we can stop calling it an “it.” 🙂

i’ve gotten mostly over the nausea i think. i’ve finally stopped packing around saltines and pretzels, which i’ve absolutely grown to hate. and my distaste for vegetables (or anything healthy) has minimized. i actually had a salad the other day!


2 thoughts on “As the belly grows…

  1. What a gorgeous belly! I wish I looked that beautiful. Of course, I do have the deflated, former baby house which is also known as my stomach. Ooooo…baby!

  2. Your belly is SO cute! I’m excited for you!!So I just started blogging a few days ago. Feel free to click over and offer any veteran blogger advice! :)I might be going to the reunion… it would be wonderful to see you! (and your belly!!)

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