Holden Hawkins Warren

–entry by amber —

we had an ultra sound this week – i am 20 1/2 weeks along – and found out it is indubitably a BOY! we were excited but not surprised. it would have knocked my socks on their behinds if it had been a girl; i have totally just “known” it was a boy.

so ultra sounds are strange – the doctors and radiologists point out all these blobs on the screen and say, “oh that’s his thalamus” or “these are his kidneys” – it’s so weird because i didn’t recognize anything. i am just taking their word for it. i mistook his heart for his mouth and his stomach for his head. i was all turned around.

the things that did actually look remotely recognizable were his hands. he had them all clenched in a fist and moving around. he punches me a lot i think. it’s cute now while he’s 12 ounces but when he gets bigger those hands are going to be full-on weapons.

so we already have the name all picked out. it will be Holden Hawkins Warren. the middle name, of course, being my maiden name. and holden being from holden in The Catcher in the Rye. though possibly one of the most well-written and defined characters in literature (in my humble opinion), it isn’t because the character is super heroic or anything. we just really liked the name.

whelp that’s it for now. we’re going to st. george and las vegas again for work. maybe we’ll take some pictures there.


One thought on “Holden Hawkins Warren

  1. Congrats! Boys are so much fun! Yeah, Grant and his little buddy Holden. I’m so dang excited. And Amber, your tummy is way too cute.

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