Anna – this is for you

About Me:

4 jobs I’ve had: marketing director, PR director, research assistant, editor, waitress, hostess, oh wait that’s more than four. i was never an accountant you’ll see….

4 movies I can watch over and over: Ten Things I Hate About You, Pride and Prejudice (all versions), Mean Girls, Jon Tucker Must Die = mostly all brainless but humorous girl movies

4 favorite movies: Mean Girls, Pride and Prejudice (BBC), Brick, and I can’t decide right now…

4 random places I’ve lived: New York, Texas, England (for a summer) and Ghana (for a summer)

4 favorite TV shows: I’m obsessed with Gilmore Girls. And anything on the Food network channel.

4 favorite reality TV shows: Hate them, sorry

4 favorite books: (I added this one because it’s easier for me) The Brother’s Karamazov, Alice in Wonderland, Tess of the D’ubervilles and every single book written byt he Bronte sisters. Oh and everything by Jane Austen. And Harry Potter – all of them, and Twilight. Sorry – I told you I’m not much for counting correctly….

4 of my favorite places I’ve been: Amsterdam, Florence, Sofia (just kidding I’m not a masochist), Cambridge and Manhattan

4 favorite foods: Italian anything, Sushi in any way, shape or form (of course now that I’m pregnant my cravings are stronger than ever and I can’t have what I want!), Steak and potatoes and chocolate cake.

4 websites I check daily: Wells Fargo – I’m a woman obsessed with finances – Hotmail, various Blogs and a bunch of boring ones for work.

4 favorite hobbies: being jealous that my husband actually has hobbies, freaking out over finances, planning my next vacation and avoiding the reality of what i’m going to do when i have a baby.


One thought on “Anna – this is for you

  1. I love John Tucker Must Die! Okay but seriously, I only watched it because it was on HBO and I am a sucker for a mindless girl movies. I should have put books on my list but really I can’t think of any other book than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was an emotional roller coaster and I’m still trying to recover.

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