bob dylan is still performing?

-post by amber –

call me ignorant, call me rude, call me musically-challenged and beatnik-deprived, but is bob dylan really still performing? i didn’t even know he was still alive until a few months ago. my husband is in teluride, colorado right now with is equally-music-obsessed friends watching bob dylan perform tonight. i’m trying to hide the resentment, really i am, but is this man – of which i have posted a picture so you can all see the quandry i am in – really appealing enough to leave your pregnant wife for? let’s be serious. 🙂 just kidding, wes. i promise i’ll get over it.

i was all for him going until i realized just how much i miss my husband when he’s gone. not to mention the fact that we haven’t progressed at all on our house-fixing-up because we’ve been out of town so much lately. and

meanwhile, i am reading harry potter the 7th and trying not to finish it too soon or i’ll have nothing to do for the rest of the weekend. thus my blogging. 🙂 maybe i’ll clean the house….


2 thoughts on “bob dylan is still performing?

  1. I’ll probably get cursed when Wes reads this but I have to say that I hate Bob Dylan. I’m on your side Amber. Brandon will try to trick me and ask me if I like a song we hear playing which is a Bob Dylan cover. But I generally don’t like it even if it is a cover. The only exception is the Indigo Girls cover “Tangled up in Blue”.

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