pregnant in las vegas

-post by amber-

right after wes got back from scout camp, we took off and drove south. i stayed in st. george and worked for a few days and he went on to las vegas for a gold’s gym international convention.

the second night i was in st. george without him the entire city’s power got shut off. there was NO WHERE i could go. the dealership i was working in got really hot, movie theaters were closed, stores were closed, no one had air conditioning and no one had any idea how long it would last. i was staying in a tiny cute little mobile home that was stifling! i lasted all of 3 minutes in there when i called wes and announced that i was driving to las vegas for the night.

air conditioning is a beautiful thing. his bosses took everyone out to dinner at the four seasons, i was the only female of the lot and they were all very nice about the fact that i was crashing their boys night. i had to take off again in the morning to go back to st. george and work for a couple more days and then turned around on wednesday morning and went back to las vegas to spend the day with wes. he and his friends and i went to fashion show mall, ceasars palace (where this picture was taken), went to the cheesecake factory (i wish cheesecake appealed to me right now but it doesn’t), laid out at the pool (well i did, wes played poker in the beachside casino) and saw wes give his presentation. it was fun, but driving so much took its toll on holden. he didn’t like it very much and made his sentiments known the evening we got back. 🙂


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