…and a curse on Anna

Here’s the comment from the recipient of my ever-faithful hubstituting, Anna Shirley, regarding my wife’s recent entry about my Bob Dylan concert foray:

In our case Anna, Amber usually does like the songs Bob Dylan writes.
(SCORE – Bob: 01 Anna: 00)
And further more, the Indigo Girls aren’t worthy to listen to Bob Dylan, let alone cover such a righteous, righteous song such as “Tangled Up in Blue.”
(SCORE – Bob: 02 Anna: -1)
I am, however, channeling the angst of Bob champions such as Paul Merten, so this could be considered ganging up on poor Anna.
(SCORE – Bob: 02 Anna: 00)
And, if asked whom I loved more out of these two intellectual heavyweights, I’d answer 10 times out of 10, “Anna.”
(SCORE – Bob: 02 Anna: 01)

It was a close one, Anna, but Bob won. Everyone, can’t we just agree that Bob paints one of the most concrete and personal narratives ever in this song? Yeah, Bob’s voice is a bizarre acquired taste, but at least it’s not a dime-a-dozen pop “maven” like Kelly Clarkson (sorry, Amber – I had to) or pseudo-emotional drivel like the stylings of that one “Delilah” song.

Here, take a listen (or re-listen) and hear for yourself:
Bob Dylan – Tangled Up in Blue


3 thoughts on “…and a curse on Anna

  1. Okay, I’m listening to Bob’s “Tangled Up in Blue” as I write. I’ll agree with your assessment that he is a gifted song writer. But I’ll never appreciate his voice. Maybe I should just read his songs and call him a great poet while listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new album.

  2. Enough harping on Kelly Clarkson. I am getting enough crap from all the Colt Uniform wearing fans here in Indianapolis for coming to school showing my support for Kelly instead of those crappy Colts (I had on my “From Brandon to Kelly” T-shirt).

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