"I had a dream, I had an awesome dream"

So Amber and I were out to dinner last night and had a wonderful conversation about music. I have come to realize that I can no longer berate her for listening to her guilty pleasures in as much as she recognizes the fact that they are guilty (very guilty).

This got me thinking about how my guiltiest of musical pleasures compare to hers. As I sat over my pizza in a kind of calm horror, I realized that there’s some crap out there that I absolutely love.

Exhibit A: Lionel Richie
Uh, hello? How can anyone deny “Ballerina Girl,” “Hello,” “Penny Lover,” “Stuck on You,” “All Night Long,” “Say You, Say Me,” “Dancing on the Ceiling,” or “3 Times a Lady?”
Answer: you can’t.

There was a restaurant in Bulgaria that I frequently frequented for one reason only – they played nothing but Lionel Richie’s greatest hits. It never got old. His voice is butter. His fro dominates. His popped collar is the only reason guys who try to do the same aren’t instantly damned to perdition. He can wear white pants any month of the year.

Exhibit B: Hall & Oates
Talk about Ebony and Ivory – move the eff over, Sinatra and Stevie! And will my crush on crooners with lusciously huge hair ever end?
We’re talking about “Private Eyes,” “Kiss On My List,” “You Make My Dreams,” “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),” “Out of Touch,” and of course “Maneater.”

I’ve never seen one member of a duo (John Oates) be so content with being such a minor part of the band before.

Here, watch this YouTube video of “Private Eyes” for heaven’s sake! Aren’t they the cutest little guys you’ve ever seen? Isn’t it so adorable how John Oates blinks his eyes so big, or Daryl Hall had probably practiced that spin move in front of the mirror for hours just to get it down?

Exhibit C: KD Lang
You probably didn’t think I’d go that guilty, huh? Well, to be fair, it’s mainly just one song by KD Lang. I don’t know why, but I could listen to “Constant Craving” all day.

I think it’s the sweeping end of each verse, the ebbing and flowing accordion, and KD Lang’s tonally gorgeous and soft voice that moves me, because it’s definitely not Ms. Lang moving me – lesbians aren’t my cup of tea.

Here’s the video, which isn’t that bad, if you can get past the fact that she could be Paul Reubens’ double.

There are plenty more, but I don’t want to incriminate myself to much. Plus, too many such revelations could be too much for some of you.

And lastly, today’s my favorite wife’s birthday, and I love her so much! We’re going to Lugano’s tonight – sucks that I’ll have KD Lang in my head the whole evening.


2 thoughts on “"I had a dream, I had an awesome dream"

  1. Amber, Happy Birthday! Wes, for a while I wondered if the car accident had made you mysteriously more manly. I’m glad you proved me wrong.

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