My 10 Year HS Reunion Wasn’t Terrible!

I’m not quite sure why I was so wary of going to my ten year high school reunion…..maybe it’s because when Wes talks about his HS experience it sounds like light and fluffy pancakes – and yet when I think about the things that my friends and I dealt with it sounds so much more dense.

Not that I didn’t have fun – I’m sure I did….maybe it’s because I’m a girl and girls have such complex emotions that no matter what age we are things are intense for us. Here is a group shot of my closest friends in HS. I love them dearly. Aren’t they beautiful?

I’m definitely glad the night was “just nice” – everyone was nice to each other, no hostility or lame pretense. Everyone was just nice. And Wes was incredible given the fact that I totally ditched him the entire night- he just hung out and made talk with the other husbands/boyfriends and entertained himself by playing BrickBreaker on his phone. I can’t imagine me being so easy when he has his 10 year reunion – he was class president so I’m in for a real treat 🙂


2 thoughts on “My 10 Year HS Reunion Wasn’t Terrible!

  1. so i have no idea who your friends are (but they are beautiful) and i won’t say much for HS reunions, but i just have to mention how SO excited i am to see a picture of pregnant amber! you are gorgeous, my dear amber. can’t wait to see you in WY! xoxo’s Sj

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