Growing Exponentially Each Day

Here is my belly at 7 months – after giving it a good hard scratching obviously. Seriously, my stomach itches like crazy. But anyway just charting my progress, though I seriously need to take another picture because it’s growing exponentially now.

Holden is fierce. I woke up Monday morning feeling like I had broken ribs on the right side. He kicked or punched (not quite sure) me all night long I’m guessing and it has taken three full days for me to recover enough to laugh out loud without pain. I have to sit straight up or he comes at me with his flailing limbs.

Other than that and a few nasty flu bugs I’ve caught lately – all is going well. My doctor is having me come in every two weeks now and I get to have another ultra sound next week! Maybe this time I’ll be able to make out something (other than the obvious heart beat).


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