34 weeks and counting

this is a picture from a few weeks back – but wes and i just haven’t taken any pictures recently and i wanted to blog. i’m 34 weeks now and getting pretty tired these days. if i walk around too long my back hurts, if i stand too long my feet hurt and if i sit too long my butt hurts. it’s a no-win situation. but feeling holden move around more sort of balances out the more negative aspects of being so far along.

today holden had the hiccups and it was awesome. wes doesn’t really believe he can have hiccups – but he’s not the one that has the big, hiccuping kid inside him – so my vote counts more.

wes and i have been rearranging the house to make room for holden. he now has a crib and a changing table and his own room – attached to ours. we had to move wes’ “man’s room” into the guest room – but wes can still be manly in there.

we are so excited about holden’s room’s theme. we’ll take pictures when it’s ready and show you our cool idea (if it all works).


3 thoughts on “34 weeks and counting

  1. Thats funny about wes’s “man room” what we wouldnt give to have an extra room! I cant wait to see the pics of his(holden not wes’s) room. I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day because we were talking about it today at church. Anyway we never see you guys and we need to get together again before the new one comes along! PS you look great!

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