My Buddy and Me!

To celebrate the eventual Red Sox’s ALCS win tonight over the Indians (*knock on wood*), I thought I’d write about a great weekend I had with one of my best friends, Jonathan Papelbon.

Paps and I met at Toys ‘R Us about a month ago. We have so much in common. We both love the Red Sox, we’re 26 years old, we have cute wives and love pink polo shirts.

So while our wives were out buying fabric or baking pies or something, Paps and I had a night full of manly merry-making.

Paps and I rocking out.

What better way to display our machismo than through Candy Land!

We love all the same comic books. But Amber doesn’t like us staying up late reading them.

We sneaked out for Slurpees, but were wary of Amber catching us coming home.

We’re both pretty hardcore Hold’Em players, but with a ’06 ERA of 0.92 and a 1.85 ERA in ’07, you’re not going to close out a hand against this guy – even if you’re holding a full house, like I am.

Paps and me talking to our women. LL Cool P.

We had such a grand day, we just couldn’t sleep. So we watched the rain fall.


4 thoughts on “My Buddy and Me!

  1. Dang! You got to spend all that time hanging out with Paps?!? You guys looked like you were having the time of your lives! When I hung out with Johnny Damon all he wanted to do was play catch in the backyard and I was like, “Johnny, you ALWAYS play baseball. Besides, it’s cold outside now. Let’s go watch Fever Pitch!” And Johnny was like, “No! I wanna play catch,” all jerk-like. So I said, “Johnny, we can’t always play what YOU wanna play! Why don’t you get a haircut!” So Johnny left in a huff and I called Manny. Manny’s a lot more chill than Johnny. But dang, that’s nothing like hangin out with Paps. Lucky! (…in a Napoleon voice)

  2. Hey, we came over to HT tonight, but Paps said you were out. We offered to leave the message with him, but he didn’t feel comfortable letting us in the house without one of you present. So we’ll try to catch you another time.- Derek (who wonders if Zumwalt would consider a comment on your blog a HT visit. Hmmm…)

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