Give Us Our Money Back!

So Wyoming is pretty famous for, you know, its mountains, lakes and scenery. And wanting to embrace all the Wyomingness of the place, Sarah Jo, Jesse and I made the trek out to the Teton National Park. We drove up, greeted the gate security guard and told him we wanted to have lunch at Jenny Lake Lodge.
What a surprise, then, to find out that after paying $25 to enter the park – let’s repeat that: twenty-five dollars – we drove up and found out that NOTHING was open!! All the restaurants were closed, the visitor’s centers were closed….the whole park was completely deserted. The only living thing we saw was a squirrel….I think it was a squirrel.

The really sad thing is that the lakes were deserted too šŸ˜¦ At least the mountains and trees were still there!

So Jesse and I decided to take on the mission of GETTING OUR MONEY BACK. I mean, come on – it was a matter of principle! We played good cop, bad cop (jess was the good cop – let’s face it, she’s nicer than I am and). This is us in the background talking to the gate guard. I’m the one with the huge belly (hard to miss).

I played the pregnant card hard. In fact, I think it was my grumpy line “look, I’m pregnant and hungry and we told you we wanted to go to the park specifically to eat and you should have told us that nothing was open,” that finally got the guard to give us our money back.

Hurrayyyy we got our money back. And then spent it on pizza šŸ™‚


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