Allhallows Eve 2007

I’ll get things rolling with a picture from our 2006 Halloween costumes. Those of you familiar with the Fox television gem “Arrested Development” will instantly recognize mine and Amber’s costumes. We are Lindsay and Tobias Funke. Naturally, all Amber has to say upon reflection is, “Uh! Look how skinny I was! Weeeees, will I ever be skinny again!?”
Yes, Amber – you’ll be skinny again. Just stop eating babies.

This Halloween, as much as we wanted to go all out (I had delusions of grandeur involving a Ghostbusters costume or an awesome super-spy ninja), we just didn’t have time to put anything of substance together. So I raided our closets and put together this two humble costumes. I am Borislav and Amber is Svetlana – we are Russians.

We spoke in Russian accents and looked all around grumpy the entire evening.

Here’s a pic of us and Caleb and Trisha (one of the only other couples to dress up). I love how – and this is true – everything Caleb is wearing belongs to Trisha except the black long-sleeved shirt. Even the shoes! Now there’s a couple in love!


8 thoughts on “Allhallows Eve 2007

  1. Thanks for pointing out that Caleb can wear all of my clothes! I love the crooked mustache, it looks like you are being very sly…wait a minute is that the same mustache I see in photo #1?!

  2. Ambie, Just ran into your blog, I had to check it out to make sure there wasn’t a baby yet! Your looking great and the Russian costumes are fitting! Well I to am now a blogger. You’ll have to check out my darling girls at sweenyfam

  3. Amber and Wes…i CANNOT stop laughing at your Halloween costumes…you two are the best. HILARIOUS!!! When I need a good laugh or a good pick-me-up I check out your blog.LOVE YOU,melindamarieLove you Baby Holden!

  4. oh my. i think you’re going to have to change the holden name…i think something more would be appropriate.long live great prego costumes!

  5. Wes, I enjoy your blog. I’m glad you commented on mine so I could find out about yours. After reading about your fabulous day with Paps, it is no surprise to me that you would rush to the defense of another New England sports team! Hey, since you are interested in all things Russian, you should check out this blog, if you haven’t seen it already: http://sovietposter.blogspot.com/.It is a great blog.Give my regards to Amber…

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