Nothing’s Happening!!!

Remember when I said I didn’t want any part of labor? Well I’ve changed my mind. I want to go to into labor – I pray to go into labor. I’m totally excited about going into labor because it means I won’t have to carry around a bowling ball inside me anymore.

Unfortunately Holden is not feeling any of my anxiety or urgency. He’s apparently super thrilled to just be hanging out (upside down mind you) inside of me. Why is that? Can it be comfortable to be curved up in a ball like that? I can’t imagine liking that….

Well so I’ve taken to talking to Holden every night about the specific pleasures this world has to offer him in the hopes that I can coax him out. I’ve promised to give him his own room, to not dress him in anything embarrassing, to let him drool on my cell phone if he wants and I’ve even promised him that he can stay up late playing XBox with Wes.

But nothing is working. Holden is clearly displaying Wes’ aversion to nagging. Like father, like son. Oh well, he’ll be worth the wait.


4 thoughts on “Nothing’s Happening!!!

  1. Patience, patience. He will come out eventually. Sleep as much as you can to store up energy because you won’t get much sleep once he is around.You are probably getting a ton of advice on how to get your labor going, but a simple walk the night before is all it took for me to start labor when I had Ben.By the way, TAG! YOUR IT! See my latest blog post for details.

  2. Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to see him. Did you know we’re coming home for the holidays? Yeah for a new baby that I get to hold!

  3. Yay! I’m so excited for you and when he comes you’ll hardly remember this waiting phase. You may want to be careful about the drool on the cell phone – I let Tyson play with my phone to entertain him at Target in the baby drool stage and it almost blew up! It got really hot and I was so sad that he almost burned his little tiny hands. And I had to go get a new phone… šŸ™‚ Love you!!

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