Mr. Puniverse 2007

So for the past month or so I’ve been working with Fuel Marketing (Gold’s Gym’s marketing/ad agency that Amber used to work for) in planning the Gold’s Gym 2007 Mr. Puniverse Competition. It was tough and fun (how’s that for passive ambiguity?!).
Thursday night was the actual event. We were able to round up Big Budah (from Fox13), Artie Fufkin (X96), Miss Utah ’07 (Heather Anderson), and Mr. Universe. It was standing room only as the venerable Mike B and the lovely Keri Holland hosted the competition.
Here are a couple pics.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Puniverse 2007

  1. Isn’t Artie cool? He’s come to a few concerts I’ve played at and he always cheered the loudest. Good old Artie Fufkin. Also, I wanted to let you know if anyone leaves a comment on the leggat’s SWEET new blog, it’ll send them an email notice that there is a comment on their page, and they’ll know about the blog!

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