The First Weak

Well, we’re approaching Holden’s One Week birthday tomorrow morning! I’ve been pretty weak all week – It doesn’t seem like it’s been a week – more like 16oish hours or so. Seriously, I lose track of what day it is and what date it is – I only know what hour of the day (or night) I’m currently living in. I guess that’s how they “grow up so fast.” Due to popular demand, here are some more pictures. However, I’ll be posting the majority of the pictures on Flickr, but I’ll post more details of that later.

Here’s Holden and Amber as we’re about to leave the hospital into the lone and dreary world.

Becca & Lilly and Amber & Holden. The Leggats came over to see us the first night we were home – they even brought us dinner (breakfast for dinner, no less)!

Chillin’ like a villain. Here’s Holden snoozing in one of his many too-big outfits. Still waiting for that week 3 growth spurt.

Yawning baby pictures are the best.

Here’s my mom showing me my new favorite “Holden hold.” He actually loves it, and it was handy for burping (we’re always going to encourage loud, healthy burping in our home).

We’ll post a couple videos this weekend. I just haven’t gotten around to posting them on YouTube yet.


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