A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Oh I love my son so much. But not so blindly that I can’t make fun of him. He looks like this when he wakes up. He’s got these awesome Pterodactyl arms that are surprisingly strong and he grunts like crazy when you try to move them. Here he is in his adorable Christmas outfit his great-grandma Elsie (AKA Grams) got for him. I feel terrible – she’s tried to some see him twice and we have been fast asleep both times.
It’s hard adjusting to his time schedule. It’s also hard not leaving the house. The doc said he should be home-bound (no church, no malls, no public places) for 8 weeks. So we veg at home and I pretend that I have hobbies. Really we just listen to classical music, bake, watch the Food Network Channel (thank goodness for Season’s Eatings), and – thanks to Wes for introducing us – watch my new friends on Battlestar Galactica. It’s my new favorite show. But to be honest, most of the day is filled up with changing diapers, dressing and redressing Holden, feeding him, and keeping his fingers out of his eyes. We’ve given up on keeping them out of his mouth.
This is one of the few pictures where Holden has got his eyes open. He has beautiful eyes. He has beautiful everythings. And I would like to announce, a little too proudly, that I have lost 35 pounds. That’s all the weight I gained so I am pretty happy about it. I think nursing is like the best (easiest) diet ever. I don’t ever want to stop.


9 thoughts on “A Face Only a Mother Could Love

  1. Precious Amber, Wes and Holden! It was so nice to see these great pictures! Now, finally, to know I’m not just a GREAT aunt, but a GREAT, GREAT aunt! Even better. I know just what you mean about nursing, Amber. But, believe me, at two years…it gets a little old. It is the very best though. I hope we will be able to see this little one in the spring. We have a little something (it’s 18 months so we don’t have to worry about not fitting!) and will make sure he gets it. I’m so proud of you and that weight loss!! I still have 20 pounds of baby fat…and my baby is 14! I believe this is a gift Ryan left me that does not intend to go away easily! Enjoy this lovely season and pay close attention to the Food Network! Lots of love Holden, your GREAT, GREAT aunt Marilyn

  2. No church! Can I come over and miss church to watch him? He looks great, he’s a lucky kid, not only is he going to have Wes’ beautiful flowing locks of hair, but his head doesn’t look so disproportionate with buzzed off hair. Unlike his dad, he’ll be able to go with either.

  3. What a cutie! Jared always made fun of Ben when he would sleep with his arms like that. We still need to come and see him. We would have come sooner but Jared got sick and we don’t want to pass that on to the little guy!

  4. Okay, so I JUST got your text messages announcing Holden and asking me for my e-mail. I’m sure that was decades ago. Sorry my phone bites. If you still need it my e-mail is brynlee79@msn.com. Whats yours? I’ve wanted it in the past.

  5. Holden is a very handsome heart-breaker! I wouldn’t expect any less from one of me favorite most beautiful people. Congrats! I love you to pieces- It was so good to finally talk to you again on the phone. Love- Britt

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