One Month And Counting…

One of these days I will be a more-than-just-competent photographer and will take exquisite photos of my child – but for now I have other people who do that for me :) Our friends Brandon and Anna and their son Grant came over this weekend to see Holden. Anna takes the most amazing pictures of Grant, and it’s rubbing off on Wes – he took this photo of “my little wessie” (AKA Holden).

Holden and Grant were instant friends. Grant was so adorable to Holden – he gave him kisses and hugs all night. I’m sure Holden wanted to reciprocate – but all he did all night was grunt and squeak. We still have high hopes for him.

It’s been so much fun having visitors to add some spice to our day. We still can’t go out much since Holden is so little – the doctors want him to stay at home – so it’s great to have the world come to us. But I have loved being able to hang out with Holden throughout this rather short maternity leave. I get to bake and cook and watch Holden eat and poop and sleep. And make awesome faces like this:


One thought on “One Month And Counting…

  1. Oh, little Grant loved Holden so much! I’ve never seen him like that with a baby. They are meant to be friends. I have pics to send to you too! And that first pic is amazing – great job!

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