Friends are Fabulous

My fantastic friend Sarah Jo gave me this wrap for Holden and I love it. First of all, it’s red. Hello, my favorite color. Second of all, Holden likes it – which is important since he’s the one in it. And Third, I look like a hot mama wearing it around town.

This is us at the Gateway where we had one of our first dates with Holden. We tried to keep him in the house quite a bit at first, but he’s finally at an age (and weight – what a chunk) where we can take him out a little bit more.

And these (below) are some of my fabulous friends that I lived with in a house across the street from the Capitol Building in Salt Lake after college. I can’t believe we have kids now.

We all got together after the holidays. It was mayhem with all the kids but fun. It’s Leah, Rachel, Meghan, me and Mindy. Meghan was an honorary roommate.

Just an interesting side-note, all of our children look like their fathers…what is up with that? Holden is a little version of Wes to be sure. In fact, I call him Wessie on accident all the time. I’ve heard some crazy theories about that – like how with your first born your body genetically “selects” features from the male so that the male (ie husband) is more inclined to stick around, because there is no doubt he’s the father. I’m not sure how much I buy into that. Any thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Friends are Fabulous

  1. Addison is the same way in the water. Just loves it! Maybe they will become profecssional swimmers. You and the girls look cute!

  2. Cute baby! I still want to see him in person. We’ll have to take him swimming at my parents pool this summer.My first baby looks like me and the second one looks like Kurt, maybe Kurt was more inclined to split after the second one! I don’t know! Two girls in a row just about put him over the edge. Just Kidding he loves his girls.

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