Showers of Babies

YAY here are some pics of the shower we did for Trisha. She had an awesome number of presents. and we had a pretty good turnout.
Becca and I threw it together and we had sushi and cookies and cake and dip and chips and salads…the food was good if i do say so myself.

You can’t tell, but Holden is somewhere in the picture below…under the famed “Hooter Hider” trying to have dinner. These girls in my ward are the BEST! We totally did “baby voodoo” after everyone else left. I won’t go into details because it sounds hokey but it TOTALLY works. You just have to be cool like us and believe it…
And how did Wes handle all the estrogen in the house you ask?? Very well, he was the perfect baby sitter to some of the little kids who came with their moms.

And there was so much commotion and fun that Holden decided to skip his nap.


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