Lyrical Snobbery

Hi my name’s Holden. I am a complete music snob – thanks entirely to my dad Wes. I can really appreciate a fine Italian opera every now and then and show-tunes are fun to sing along with, but what really makes me happy is Radiohead. Their new album, have you heard it? In Rainbows? It’s beautiful. I also like Coldplay, Belle and Sebastian and Wilco, but my mom doesn’t listen to much Wilco. I have to get my fix when my dad comes home. He’s a big fan of Sufan Stevens which I really think I’d like to hear more of – but I don’t think my mom likes it. She always turns it off when she comes home. My mom really wants to listen to country music – but really, are you kidding me? Country music is for washed up truck drivers and diner workers. I can’t be expected to listen to that. Every time it comes on – even if it’s just one song out of lots of others that I like – I do this great thing called crying until she turns it off. Ha. It works every time.


5 thoughts on “Lyrical Snobbery

  1. Holden, I think you are so handsome and such a beautiful baby. The chances were high that you would end up a music snob like your dad but just remmber that what you are listening to is like creme brulee and you can’t eat creme brulee all the time. Sometimes, you just want to eat Jello. Jello is just your average, everyday treat. And sometimes you’ll even want to eat a deep-fried twinkie which is like Country Music – looks appealing, tasts pretty good but if you have a lot of it, it will kill you.

  2. Poor kid. First stress positions, now Country music. Don’t worry, Holden, there are Geneva Conventions dealing with this sort of torture. People will be held accountable.

  3. Hahaha!! That’s a great picture! He IS a music snob. And while I don’t entirely agree, I certainly got a good laugh out of your comment regarding country music.:)

  4. Hi Holden,I’m so proud of you for having such good taste in music. Always remember, country is lame–and don’t let girls that make you go country dancing change your mind! You’re so cute–those girls are definately going to try (but don’t worry, we won’t let Lily be one of them).

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