Something wrong with this picture

Anyone who is not a parent yet or not sure if they want babies should skip this post.

I came home from work today to experience the nastiest diaper change of my life. There I was, holding my cute baby on my lap next to while Wes and I scoured the Curry in a Hurry menu on his laptop, when out of no where, Holden (who mind you had already had his messy diaper for the day) sharted. If you don’t know the definition of the term shart, don’t look it up. It’s pretty graphic.

Anyway, it was so loud that it startled me and I panicked, thinking I should probably change him asap…….something about the way it sounded like big rocks falling into a lake……Oh boy. I put him on the changing table and runny, messy, breast-fed poop had managed to get all the way down his pants into his socks! It was sticky like honey and of similar hue. Gross! I made Wes come and watch because I couldn’t endure the experience alone. He came in and we worked together in undressing him in such a way where we would get as little of the offending excrement on us. I thought we were so successful, holding out his soiled onesie with our thumb and forefingers…..until…….I……..looked……down. My cute gray velour sweat pants had runny, sticky poop all the way down the left leg. Sick sick sick. I started screaming and Wes started laughing hysterically while begging me not to get it on the floor (because of course at this point it had been running down my leg for a while without my notice and was nearing the ground). Wow it was so gross I am really looking forward to the day he can take care of his business without me.

When does potty training start?


10 thoughts on “Something wrong with this picture

  1. Ahhh…the joys of motherhood. Don’t worry, there’s more to come! And then once they start eating real food it gets even more interesting (whole raisins, all variations of color, etc.). It’s quite a glimpse of how the human body’s digestive system truly works!

  2. We’ve had countless diapers like that in the past 4 years. Fun stuff. It doesn’t get easier either. It grosses me out every time. Consider it your initiation into parenthood.

  3. That picture is so funny! I wish potty training started now! Addison has not had to many blow out’s. I guess I have been lucky but mind you Brendan was the king of blow out’s.

  4. Poor thing! I don’t know which is worse, throw-up or poop! My nephew (the one that came to your house) used to throw up on me ALL THE TIME when he was a baby. Now he tells his mom that it was funny when he threw-up on his aunt shell! I hope it came out of your pants!

  5. I HAAAAAATE blowouts!!!! Adilyn doesn’t have many but she’s had some funny “poop” experiences. Now that she eats more “grown up” food, it’s REALLY gross! It gets so bad, Tim gags and freaks Addy out!:<. Too funny!

  6. That’s hilarious! I mean…I’m so sorry you had to go through that…just terrible. That would not have been nearly as entertaining to read had you not included such explicit details…I love that you tell things as they really are.-Laura

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