What a Blessing

This is one of Holden’s many awesome faces. It’s a mixture of exasperation, fatigue and glee. I like to call it “exgligue.”So we blessed Holden last Sunday and what a picture he was in his bowtied satin onesie. He did really well entertaining all the people and dealing with the stress of wondering if we had enough food (oh wait that was me). Wes did a fabulous job giving the blessing at church and only lost his composure for a second when Holden let out a loud “gry” (mixture of grunt and cry) in the beginning. We totally called it – the night before, Wes and I were out on a date and discussed the fact that our cute by who rarely fusses would totally put on a show at his blessing and scream through it. He didn’t do that badly though – it only lasted a couple seconds. And then he was perfect again. But of course fifteen minutes before church ended, he served us right for dressing him in pure white by exploding through his diaper all the way up the back of it. Wes carried him out of church with his arms outstretched so he wouldn’t get it on him – and of course everyone at church saw….it was quite the day.


6 thoughts on “What a Blessing

  1. That’s the best picture ever! He was so cute in his tuxedo and the blessing was perfect. My favorite part for sure was watching Wes carry him out though.

  2. He looks adorable in his little blessing outfit! Don’t you just love the time’s they are all dressed up looking so dang cute and then thats the time they decide to have a blow out!

  3. Oh my goodness…I want to eat this little boy up he’s sooooo cute! Unbelievable! What a blessing for him to have such talented, good, attractive:) parents.We’re in love,DibbFam

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