"I have two little hands…."

Notice a pattern?

Holden LOVES his hands.

I blame wes.


6 thoughts on “"I have two little hands…."

  1. Oh, he is so cute! The hand thing is a cute comfort; it’s better than thumb or finger sucking! I always seem to have pacifier kids.

  2. So much easier than finding a binkie. Hopefully he doesn’t use his fingers to plug up both nostrils (discovering the ooey-gooeyness of boogers) whilst sucking on the thumb…like someone I know!

  3. Amber, Slightly unrelated to the post, can you let me know where you found memory game and prize ideas for Trish’s shower. I am hosting one this weekend and need one more game!Maura

  4. Maura, I got the game from Michelle Moses…go on her blog and ask about it. She’ll totally remember. Or you could probably find it online somewhere.Or I was watching Gilmore Girls (yea the awesome GG) and they had this great idea of buying a bunch of onesies and having people paint and decorate on them for an activity. I loved that idea.

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