Do We Have Anything to Say that Matters

I’ve been mulling over the issue of bloggers vs anti-bloggers for a while…and I definitely have something to say. (My cousin Cathy just recently blogged about this too and brought up some good points; I would link to her blog but it’s private – so there). Anyway, there’s a TON of negativity surrounding blogging out there: they say that it’s merely an ego-driven hobby; similar to putting your kids in beauty contests so everyone can praise how cute they are and what a good parent you are; that it’s prideful to think you’ve got anything to say that’s worthy of publishing; that it’s self-centered, etc.

Here’s what I think. I think our world is getting ever increasingly splintered. Few people have a community, a network that lives in close proximity to them. Few people have a church or a club that meets together and allows them a sense of togetherness and understanding. And even those who do don’t have it like our predecessors had it. We are split geographically from our families and friends. While our ancestors worked in the fields or mines together and would come together as a community often, we are fragmented by long distance commutes and crazy schedules that don’t even allow neighbors to sit around and visit like they used to. In short, I think because all this has happened, our society/generation has created a way in which we can stay close theoretically: internet networks. Think about it – facebook, myspace, blogs, etc. are a way in which we can stay connected with people whose ideologies and philosophies we respect even when we can’t talk with them face to face. And we can stay connected to family and friends we can’t or don’t have the time to see. I’m not even going to go into the other positive aspects of blogging (uncensored news, independent political viewpoints, sharing knowledge, getting helpful information,

Blogging is a great way to journal stuff that’s happening in a way that allows people to come together in a way that’s quite rewarding. I say screw the anti-bloggers! I don’t fracking care what they think. I have something to say and I want to say it – even if nobody else agrees. It’s a way for me to document my life and my life matters. I wish more people in my family blogged. Hopefully they’re at least keeping journals. So there.


10 thoughts on “Do We Have Anything to Say that Matters

  1. I don’t run into many of the anti-bloggers. I love blogging (obviously). And I have you and Wes to thank for introducing me. I think you guys were my first close friends to have a blog. When I was home on maternity leave battling a little bit of baby blues and adjusting to not working – Brandon suggested that I start blogging like you guys. I did and it was not only a fun project for me but a way for those long distance to stay in touch.

  2. When you emphatically assert that “my life matters,” aren’t you just providing fodder for the accusations of ego among the blogging nay-sayers?;)

  3. Ok, ok, I know we were anti-bloggers when we came into the ward, but you all converted us! The great thing about a blog is it provides a way to document without the sometimes overwheming permanancy of scrapbooks or journals. I always think I have to do so much catching up with journaling–so much so that my hand is all cramped up before I ever getting to the present. With scrapbooking I never have known what photos to start with because you know the first pages you make are going to be totally lame once you figure out what you’re doing.And I do think one of the greatest things about blogging is that it lets you keep in touch with your loved ones. It’s been great to watch my friends’ kids grow up and hear about what’s been going on with them by just going to their blogs (because who wants to call or hang out with them anyway :)!) The thing that can be bad about blogging is when people use them to prove how much cooler they are compared to other bloggers (or more spiritual or more well traveled or what have you, as we’ve discussed before). But I think it really comes down to intention and everyone can use blogs for their own purposes–whether it be to voice an opinion or as a photo album, the blogs I like the most are the ones that are genuine and match the personality of the contributor. Wow, Kevin’s influence of long comments must be rubbing off on me!

  4. Oh, not msalveseny blogs. All humility, no ego at all in them.;)BTW, I suppose the more correct phrase should have been “non-blogging nay-sayers.” Or anti-blogging nay-sayers. Maybe anti-bloggite computites? Do anti-bloggers have blogs to blog about why people shouldn’t blog? Are there luddites who blog about why we should resist the technologization of our society? Maybe I think too much…Question:

  5. I have no idea why the word “my” in the above post turned into msalveseny. Somehow I must have accidentally pasted in a word from an email I was composing. That’s what I get for multi-tasking, I suppose.

  6. I love this post. I could not agree more. I don’t know why anyone cares anyway. If you blog, you blog. If you don’t, you don’t. Why is it such a big deal. Well put Amber. I also love your Las Vegas posts. Holden is getting so big! I was totally surprised to see him look like such a little man. Maybe your next family vacation should be to NY. We have plenty of room and it is a quick 5-6 hour drive to NYC or Boston or where ever. I would also LOVE to take picures for you anytime. I will let you know the next time I am out your way.

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