Las Vegas Easter – Day 1

We took the fam to Las Vegas for Easter last weekend! We stayed in our time share, which was nice because there was no casino or smoking (such a rarity in Vegas these days).

We had so much fun.

Wes and I played table tennis

He’ll tell you he won, but it’s not true.

And Holden cheered us on.

Then we went to MGM to the Rainforest Cafe, mostly ’cause it was family friendly.

Holden was so enamored with the pretend lightning, thunder, etc.
he just looked dumbfounded all night.


10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Easter – Day 1

  1. Excuse me, did you just have a baby the same week as me? Why do I still have belly jiggle and you don’t? You look awesome and what a fun family get away!!

  2. Man, you guys have a time share!? I’m so jealous. I wish I had a real job instead of 100K worth of debt (and counting, I’m only half done!) Someday maybe the Stoddards will join you on a trip some place. Hannah and Holden would be such great chums! A few months apart and both with H names! Instead we spend spring break in DC and you in Vegas. Oh well. Thanks for letting us keep track of you by blog-stalking. And since it seems an Amber compliment is a prerequisite for commenting on this page: what a fox you are, Amber!

  3. Amber I just have to say that I hate you 🙂 Not really, but I don’t even look that good and I’ve haven’t had a baby! I would never post a pic of me in a swimsuit on our blog because we might get in trouble for harboring a beached whale!! Love ya,Michelle

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