Las Vegas Easter – Day 2

The next day we walked the strip with this baby movie star that everyone was staring at.

Trying to avoid the many smut-passers on the strip, we ducked into the M&M theater!

I had to beat up the green one for hitting on Wes.

We walked FOREVER and finally made it to Sephora, the Disneyland of make-up, where Holden had a major blow-out (of course) and we figured out we had no diapers. Bah! But it was nothing that a couple maxi-pads wouldn’t fix 🙂

Then we hung out at the pool. He was the star of the hotel!

And we ended the trip by getting Holden a lion at FAO Schwartz that he now LOVES (aka drools on and chews).


6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Easter – Day 2

  1. Holden is such a cute little surfer dude! Lily has the same glasses in pink, we’ll totally have to take their picture together or better yet take them swimming together…or even better yet take them swimming at the beach together!

  2. That is one cool kid! And You have bangs! They look good! I love the picture with Wes and the M&M. That is something Dave would do. And who can blame him? She is pretty hot!

  3. Hi Warren family!Amber you don’t know me, but I used to be Wes’s neighbor and we went to high school together. Anyway, found you guys on here and just wanted to say hello and tell you that your little boy is super super cute!Also, Amber I love the posts that you put on here. I was reading some of them, totally agree. So, anyway, good to see you guys are happy and doing well!Take care,Angie Dewey (hammond)

  4. I love your pictures with the commentary! Holden looks awesome. It was great to go to lunch with you again – I miss hanging out with you!

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