They Who Reject This Year’s Jazz Team Will Surely Be Smitten At Last

I got to attend a couple more Jazz games a couple weeks ago. Namely, the Clippers and Wizards, on the 2nd and 6th rows, respectively. I had Jonathan in tow, which always seems to add an air of mischievousness to any event (he’s available for parties, company events, weddings and bar mitzvahs).
So at the Clippers game, we’re enjoying our seats, taking in the sites…

This shot was for Michelle. Her crush on this ravishing Russian is no secret amongst Ivins Ward regulars.

Millsap, knocking a couple down at the line. I just couldn’t get enough of Kaman’s derriere in my face.

Payne and I were a thorn in Cutino Mobley’s side the entire night. It all started when the ref tossed the ball to him in order to in-bound it, and Mobley just let the ball bounce off his chest and onto to the court. It should have been a live ball, but the refs had pity on him. He was visibly perturbed, by both Payne & I and his own teammates.

So anyway, we were enjoying the game when, low and behold, a certain mouth-piece of the Lord enters the arena…

In this shot, we see T.Mons (as he’s known in NBA circles) making eye contact with Kyle Korver (“KY” if you’re buds with him) and letting him know, “You’re the man. Tonight – it’s your night. You got it.” That’s an apostolic blessing if I’ve ever seen one. Let’s just say KY didn’t disappoint.

So T.Mons continued his way pass the bench, but couldn’t stop without sharing the Good News with J.Sloan. He took him in a brotherly handshake (while J.Sloan was in the middle of a time-out huddle, mind you) and told him of his admiration and respect for what he’s been doing for the Jazz for so many years. Jerry was about as gracious as Jerry gets, the extent of which is portrayed in this picture.
T.Mons proceeded to air-dribble along the sideline, displaying for the Jazz staff how quickened game is. I’m pretty sure Tyrone “The Milkman” Corbin was impressed by his righteous skillz.

Monson made his way to the scorer’s table, where he chatted with Craig Bolerjack and Ron Boone. I think I heard him comment, with regards to the first half, “3-pointers rained down, ankles were broken, Clippers were posterized.” It’s official – he is the king of the passive voice (as if there was any doubt before).

Jonathan will be the first to agree with me – once we saw the presence of the Lord’s annointed prophet, was there really any doubting the outcome of the game? I think not.

Here are a couple shots from our 6th row seats at the Wizards game.

CJ dropping 3 onto the lowly Wizards.

The Wiz waming up. Mine and Payne’s boss & owner of Gold’s was on the front row behind the hoop, so at half time we went down and chatted with him. We talked about everything from house boats to male pregnancy.

The final score – Jazz 129, Wizards 87. Ouch.
As you can see, KY was the Subway Sub of the Game. Payne and I actually (unknowingly) passed up an opportunity to hang out and go bowling with KY after the game, but he should be swinging by Payne’s house soon for some PS3 and tranqs.


7 thoughts on “They Who Reject This Year’s Jazz Team Will Surely Be Smitten At Last

  1. Great post Wes and a great read. How fun to see President Monson at the game. I love your comments about Sloan. Parker sent us all this link in our family email. He was impressed.

  2. Wes,So the other day I remembered that long ago you sent me an email containing a link to this blog. Anyway, I found the old email, and here I am. 4estito za malkiqt. It’s interesting that you named him Holden. I could swear that I once read this really great book whose main character was named Holden. He was really cynical and swore a lot. Does that ring a bell? Ina4e, lipsvash mi ti.C obi4,Eric

  3. Amen, brotha! Those are awesome pictures, and I have to admit that I’m a little jealous that you get to go to these games. I miss the Jazz! It’s just not the same watching the heathen teams out here.

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