Where oh where is my stimulus check

Has anyone received their stimulus check yet? I hate to sound desperate but with Wes’s car driving less reliably than a wild hog I really need the cash for a new one. I went on this website to see when it’s coming and it keeps saying later and later. First it was the 29th of April, then the 5th of May, now who knows . . .

Maybe it’s the government’s way of dangling a carrot in front of the horse to keep it plugging along, paying those astronomical health care bills and absurd gas prices without complaint, because he’s distracted and excited about the carrot.

I want to have my carrot and eat it too.


7 thoughts on “Where oh where is my stimulus check

  1. Blogger Brandon said… I got a letter yesterday (5/6/08) regarding the check. If you had your tax return sent electronically, it should be deposited immediately. What sucks is that it’s only 900 bucks. I heard all this business about 600 a person plus 300 per kid. Turns out we were lied to. Only the poor people who desperately need to spend it get 600 a person. Anyway, it’s coming soon

  2. We just got ours today. Thank goodness! Sara’s been frantically checking, cursing under her breath, every day since Monday when the administration had claimed they were beginning to disburse the funds to the direct deposit.But hey, with gas and food prices skyrocketing, don’t expect the carrot to last long.

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