I’m sure we’ve all heard the idea that couples who stay together over time start looking like each other. There’s this article/study that talks about the 4 reasons why this is the case:

1) Diet (um….self explanatory)

2) Environment (dust sure is bad for the skin)

3) Predisposition (“like” attracts “like”)

4) Empathy (you start mimicking each others’ expressions over time)

For the record I want to say that I’m ok with this theory being an actuality for Wes and me because Wes is HOT. But I am a little concerned about other implications. Like what about talking like each other and liking the same things all the time. I have just realized that because Wes doesn’t like onions, I go around saying that I don’t like onions. And because he thinks Blue Cheese tastes like butt (however that tastes), I don’t order Blue Cheese for myself anymore. And I watch basketball now! And now I’m starting to really like all of his music. Like the other day I realized I LOVE My Morning Jacket. I couldn’t stand them when I first met Wes. What is happening to me? I love my contradicting opinions!

But for the record, I still hate Sufjan Stevens. Well I really like “Godbird” but I don’t like anything else. Well at least on the Illinois album. Crap! It’s happening again!


5 thoughts on “Golden

  1. It’s sad but true. We’ve only been married a year and a half and I don’t even have to finish a senctence for Scotty to know what I’m saying. It’s nice for us though because we already hated the same foods, so that hasn’t changed. I’m interested to know how Wes knows what butt tastes like though!!

  2. I, like Michelle, am interested to know how Wes decided Blue Cheese tastes like butt…hmm. The article was interesting, your pictures are the best part though…hilarious!

  3. So what does it mean when our husbands start acting more like each other? I mean, I know that’s partly Predisposition with their man-crushes and all, but it’s been less than a year and even people at church are getting them mixed up!

  4. I think it is a combination of environment and secret brainwashing. I am always working to break down cole’s inability to eat veggies…first a cafe rio salad, hiding spinach in the ravioli, “just two baby carrots, please”, and before you know it he will a regular vegetarian…maybe not but it can’t hurt to try.

  5. i’m finally writing on your blog — but i’m afraid i’m going to have to side w/ wes on the sufjan stevens bit because I like him. I really like the chicago song – the acoustic version. have you heard the michigan album. also sf drummer gave me a holiday compilation that was fun.-slc-

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