An Evening With My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket
September 24th, 2008
The Joint – Las Vegas, NV

Who’s in, who’s out?

Here’s a camera picture from my vantage point the last time I saw these guys, when they were in SLC (mind you, I had to lean waaaay back just to fit him in the frame. Front row will do that to you.):

Can you say “radical?” I knew you could.

Oh, you’re not sure if you’re in to MMJ, you say? Behold these thigh-melting clips:

Feast your eyes upon MMJ on Conan O’Brien. This is, without a doubt, the most incredible late night musical performance in the history of television. You can even tell that Conan’s socks were knocked on their butts.

For a local spin, here’s MMJ on Letterman playing “Gideon” with the Boston Pops, lead by Keith Lockhart. Hey, you can actually see Jim James’ face!

One of Amber’s new favorites, “Mahgeeta.” (Code word for “my guitar.”) Hold on to your knickers at the 5 minute mark.

YouTube just doesn’t do these guys justice, but if you’re into music that really doesn’t suck, consider making the Vegas trip with us.

Believe me, My Morning Jacket is for you. If it’s for Amber, it’s for anyone.


5 thoughts on “An Evening With My Morning Jacket

  1. Uhhh, hells yeah I was bragging! What’s the point of having a blog if you don’t brag about all the awesome things you do?I know Caleb is coming with Kevin and I to MMJ, right…?

  2. Man, that Cousin It can really sing! Know what my favorite part of the Conan clip is? For once in their lives, they turn down the damn reverb enough for me to actually hear Jim’s voice! I know, sacrilege. Don’t get me wrong, love the Jacket, but that pony could use another trick.Speaking of ponies, here’s a good one:How come it took roughly 11 seconds for them to put Eight Belles down, but the WNBA is beginning its 12th season? Speaking of the WNBA, what’s with those ads? Is the whole “She wouldn’t say that, would you?” thing an extended play on the age old joke “That’s what she said?” Or are they really trying to set up Bill Simmons for the easiest article he’s ever written?That should do it for our correspondence for the month. See you in June–Shelly and I are coming home for a week!Expect Great!

  3. Okay Wes, you know I loves me some My Morning Jacket, but I keep thinking the band is made up of Cousin It and Weird Al Yankovich impersonators…well?!?

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