The Graveyard of the Atlantic

We just back from one of the funnest trips I’ve ever been on. My whole immediate family (and it’s huge) went to Outer Banks, North Carolina and stayed in this awesomely-huge beach house. We had so much fun, we played tennis, went kayaking, boogie boarding, swimming, running . . . and of course ate loads of food.

This was Holden’s very first introduction to the beach. He hated it. But I blame the 110 degree freak weather that first day.

And as you can see, he was still pissed later on when we transferred him to the pool.

The next day we got family pictures and they made us wear purple! My mom tried to get pink (Wes’ favorite color) but they didn’t have it, so she thought the next best thing was bright purple. I felt like part of the Barney cast. But Holden didn’t mind.


3 thoughts on “The Graveyard of the Atlantic

  1. Wow the whole family together again. How much fun that must have been. I can’t beleive how old some of them are getting. You all look good in the purple! So when are we going to hang out again? Soon?

  2. OH! North Carolina! You were out our way, yes, can you believe the FREAK weather we had?? CRAZY! You DO look cute in your purple and Holden is just a doll! Miss you, hope you are good. 🙂

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