Summer Concerts Preview…

You missed it, didn’t you?
Jim James and the rest of the My Morning Jacket crew rocking out on Conan. Don’t worry, friend – I’ve got your back.

[redlasso id=’1d4ac614-7918-4971-af6b-27ab144fb902′]
This is what will be blowing my mind when I see them in Vegas this September.

Who else am I catching in concert this summer? The prestigious Red Butte Garden Amphitheater is playing host to one of America’s best bands ever, Wilco. Here’s Jeff and the gang performing a couple awesome, folky new songs on Saturday Night Live. As you’ll see, Wilco is one of those unique bands that would fit in on A Prairie Home Companion (in fact, they have), MTV, CMTV (Country Music TV, for the luckily uninitiated), or most importantly, our blog’s music player. I feel comfortable recommending them to my grandpa, my dad, my friends, co-workers, and young men in my ward. Here, take a look-see:

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[redlasso id=’577622af-5c3e-4e63-b17a-291df6bd19ff’]

In other music news, the lineup for SLC’s 2008 Twilight Concert Series was recently announced. If my Thursday evening softball games don’t conflict, you know where I’ll be. However, I will be missing any softball game to go see Andrew Bird. I happen to know a couple other Ivins Ward socialites that should also be in attendance that evening (that means you, Leggats & Hartles…). But all should attend – numerous are those who frequent this blog that can bear solemn witness to the truthfulness and musical veracity of Brother Andrew Bird.

I’d now like to open up the rest of the comments section for any and all who feel moved to bear their testimony of the musical stylings of My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Andrew Bird, or any other musician of good report or praise-worthy.

Here’s a list of the performers this summer…


3 thoughts on “Summer Concerts Preview…

  1. It just feels so sad when this time is wasted. I wasn’t going to get up, but I felt compelled. I just want to testify that the cape was pretty cool as rock and roll gimmicks go. And I know what I’m talking about: I have a strong testimony of rock and roll gimmicks. From Keith Moon’s exploding drum kit, to Pete Townshend’s windmilling his hand through his whammy bar, to Roger Daltrey swinging his mic around by the cord, rock gimmicks are a powerful gift of the rock and roll spirit (and those are just The Who’s gimmicks!) Heck, I’m going to see a band tomorrow night at the Garden (that’s the Madison Square variety) to see a band whose front man once stood on a stool during a guitar solo and wrote “Pro-choice” on his arm with a Sharpy! From this perspective, Jim standing up there hunched over looking like the Count from Sesame Street, then whipping off the cape to reveal the Flying V was quite cool. I’m gaining more of a testimony of MMJ all the time. AmenPS See you in a few days! Shelly’s there now, I’ll be out on Friday.

  2. I should probably admit right now that the MMJ CD that Jonathan gave me after your wedding has only been listened to a couple of times and was subsequently lost in the wasteland of my former automobile. Perhaps the new owner listens to MMJ. At any rate, I may need a new tutorial. I’m afraid to tell Jonathan. But I will, however, bear my testimony of musicians of good report, though I will admit to liking Death Cab for Cutie, something for which I may be disowned on this blog. C’est la vie.

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