Sci Fi Geek vs. Drama Queen

Ode to Battlestar Galactica:

I know that many don’t love you
they judge your book by its cover
and despite your many attributes
they refuse to accept you because of your roots
You’re Sci Fi! Science Fiction, Science! Fiction
which the haters think is only for dorks, trekkies and Asimov freaks

So I am declaring to all the haters
That I know better than those anti-raiders
Because I sat down at my husband’s behest
and let BSG give me what it does best
And that is drama, pure people drama
Where all the players are flawed and you love them all
despite it all.

Starbuck, Lee, President Rosalind I love you!
Adama you rock, handsome Helo and Anders too
But BSG you certainly make sure men get their fix
With Sharon the Cylon and the Six
And I must give props to Baltar
even if he did wipe out an entire civilization. Twice.

And as I end my ode to you dear Battlestar
even though you’re leaving the air I’ll not be far
I’ll work my hardest to create true conversions
just like your Cylons to correct spiritual perversions
I’ll make them realize that Sci Fi shouldn’t scare them away
because you’re really just a drama queen in a uniform.


3 thoughts on “Sci Fi Geek vs. Drama Queen

  1. Brandon and I have been intending to watch it per your recommendation. I have no doubt I’ll enjoy it because I’ll admit I like sci fi with the great exception of Star Wars. Man, do I hate Star Wars. Star Trek – great, love it, old stuff, new stuff, Picard is hot. Sci-fi guy movies – love ’em. Star Wars makes me irritable even at the sound of it playing in the other room.

  2. How ironic you put this up now. Just last night we finished Season 3 on DVD (what the *@&%! How am I supposed to last another six months for the release of the next DVD set?!). The well-crafted suspense and plot twists, the incredibly complex character relationships and moral dilemmas; I think this is without a doubt the best serial drama I’ve ever seen.

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