8:00 AM – Holden wakes up not super happy like usual (relatively strange for him)

8:15 AM – Holden decides he HATES his changing table. Or that he hates getting his diaper changes. Not sure yet at this point which it is.

8:20 AM – Holden decides he hates ME. He thrashes, kicking me in the stomach several times despite my entreaties.

8:25 AM – Holden, usually independent, cries every time I try to put him down.

8:30 AM – Food, usually the solve-all, also makes Holden’s hate list. He screams for five minutes while I try to feed him.

9:00 AM – I put him down for a nap – which also makes him scream. But at least he sleeps eventually.

11:00 AM – Repeat all items above twice

5:30 PM – Wes comes home and I leave the room. Holden is good for him.

5:45 PM – Holden sees me pass by the room and starts crying and “stomp crawls” toward me and begs to be picked up.

5:47 PM – He’s not happy being held by me or sitting next to me. He just wants to complain and be mean to me.

6:00 PM – I give Holden over to Wes and Holden calms right down. But then I pass by a minute later and he starts throwing a tantrum again!

And that was my day until I went to Mamma Mia (feeling quite sorry for myself) with my friend Jaime. I totally take it personal. Like somehow, subconsciously he knew I was going to be going to a movie that night and was ticked off about it all day long. It was so sad.

Today has been better. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed each other – except for the 15 minutes coming back from the gym when he screamed the whole way home. Such a love.


3 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Hi Amber, I have been looking at your blog the past week and you crack me up with your posts you do on Holden. He is a genius and this post makes me feel better about how Ayla seems to be happy around others but when it is just me she wines a lot. I love her though and would not change her for the world. Kurt loved your post Sci Fi geeks vs drama queen. He loves Battlestar Galactica. He read the post out loud to me and I was impressed. Good Job!

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