Why I Like My Hometown

I realized today that I only blog when I have pictures – usually of Holden – to blog about. And since Wes is a camera hog (admittedly much better though at taking pictures than I) I don’t have any. You’ll have to take my word for it that Holden is as cute as ever. But since this blog was never meant to be a mommy blog – since it was Wes who actually started it, I think I’ll expand my writing horizons every now and then and make other posts – non related to the day to day occurrences of my boy.

I always get asked why I live where I do. And I get pressure to move out of the “hood.” But I love my neighborhood. I call Salt Lake my hometown because I hated so much where I was actually raised. I still can’t drive North into Davis County without feeling a little queasy.

Bountiful to me really is a place of bounty: Bounty of the financially over-expensed. Bounty of steep hills where riding your bike as a kid was truly perilous. Bounty of snow on steep driveways in the winter which I had to shovel – every day. Bounty of homogenization. Bounty of judgment. Bounty of secret keepers. Bounty of the miserable who try very hard to pretend life is perfect.

Sugarhood on the other hand is exactly the opposite. I love this place because our neighbors don’t disown us if we haven’t cut our lawn in 10 days. But at the same time you don’t find beer cans or all over your lawn after your neighbor has a party. I love this place because it’s a true neighborhood in the sense that you have stores, libraries, parks, boutiques and gyms close enough to walk to. I love this place because the houses were built to last. I love knowing that someone lovingly picked out this house in the 1900’s and that this cozy bungalow style will never be outdated. I love this place because you have easy access to the freeway. I love this place because our neighbors are different from me – but all friendly. I love this place because the trees enclose the houses in a protective, loving sort of way. I love this place because Holden and I can sit outside and watch enough cars and neighbors and pets going by to keep him entertained for at least an hour. And finally, I love this place because there is always something more to work on – just like there is with me.


9 thoughts on “Why I Like My Hometown

  1. I loved how you called it Sugarhood. LOL! You are right though this neighborhood is real. You don’t have people trying to be perfect and people are very nice.

  2. I love your writing, Amber! I love the Holden pictures too, of course. πŸ™‚ I’m happy for you that you have such a good place to live. We’re finally in a great area for our family too (we moved in January). And I appreciated what you said about Bountiful. As much as I loved the years we were there, those things were really hard for me too. I still sometimes struggle with those have-to-be-perfect tendencies! You have always been so refreshing in your authenticity. πŸ™‚ Love you!

  3. I love living in the sugarhood! There is no place like it. Everyone is so down to earth and don’t care that my lawn is complete dead or needs to be mowed. I just wish that the houses were a little bit larger.

  4. As a fellow Sugarhooder I have to agree. It is so great to live here. . .or was. You see, the only problem is when you have a family like the Warrens move into the neighborhood and do stuff like: Not mow their lawn for 10 days, teach their boy to taunt the neighbors as they walk by (FYI – thanks to Wes, Holden has the vocabulary of a sailor), let their trees get overgrown, throw keggers and leave THEIR beer cans on your lawn and never shovel their sidewalks because Amber “. . . did enough of that crap growing up” (or at least that’s what I think she said. She was really slurring her words). It’s enough to make you want to consider relocating to, say, Bountiful.

  5. Hey – I thought we were going to get some more Amber-writing. What’s the deal-e-o? (That’s Sugarhood for “deal”).P.S. I miss you guys and I made rash decision to go to SLC in two weeks. Clear your calendar.

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