Happiest Place on Earth

I hate doing back-to-back posts but I just had to throw up some pictures from Anaheim tonight too. It was so much fun. We stayed in Anaheim and went to Disneyland, the beach and RADIOHEAD! It was the best concert ever. I’m sure Wes will have plenty to say on that score. We met up with our friends Caleb and Trisha and had so much fun together. Holden was such a trooper despite the long days sans regular naps, being off schedule, having to be pushed or carried everywhere, etc. We all had such a fun trip.


6 thoughts on “Happiest Place on Earth

  1. I can tell that Holden is going to love Honey as much as Pooh Bear. And by Honey, I mean the movie starring Jessica Alba as a down on her luck dancer just trying to make in in the real world.

  2. You are just so dang photogenic! These are great pictures! We just took family pictures and my beloved, yet frustratingly stubborn first born pouted through most of them. Am I just doomed??? I have finally threatened to cut him out of all pictures if he doesn’t shape up.

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