The New Face on Holden Warren

Holden has this new face that is among the Top Ten favorite things.
(The display of my Top Ten Happiest Things list TBA).

He offsets his jaw like this . . . and then pinches up his nose and breathes really loudly while glowering at you.

He used to display it out only when he was concentrating or irritated. But now he pulls it out anytime he’s feeling naughty, precocious or coy . . . consequently we see this face all day.

He’s such a crack up.

4 thoughts on “The New Face on Holden Warren

  1. Hannah does (did) the same face! She used to bust it out all the time. We have video, and it used to crack me up like crazy. Now we only get it out of her with a good amount of coercion/modeling.

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