Money is the Root of All

I hate when people say that money is the root of all evil without admitting that it is also the root of all good. Most charitable acts are possible because of money – because we can afford to be generous. People who can give of their share their food, house, cars, clothes, etc have those things to share because of money. While it may be true that some of the most miserable people I’ve ever known have a lot of money, some of the most generous people I know have a lot of money too. Obviously what one chooses to do with his/her money defines whether or not money is good or bad for them.

I hate being tight on money – I think it’s terrifying and uncomfortable. I remember back in college my job as a nanny ended and I decided not to work that semester so I could concentrate on school. I remember not being able to buy toothpaste. I had to use my roommate’s toothpaste and she kept hiding it from me. That only lasted for a week (thank goodness) before I went home and raided my mom’s house. But not having money sucked. I’m fascinated by money. I’m fascinated how people can make money without really working very hard and others work themselves to shreds and don’t get enough. I’m fascinated by the very real feeling that no matter how much money you make, it always seems like you need more. I’m fascinated by people who don’t like money (that’s as strange to me as a pigeon that doesn’t peck). I’m fascinated by I’m fascinated by how people let their money change them.

Growing up, there was this family in Bountiful who didn’t have a ton of money – and they had this son who had a lot of medical problems but he had a lot of friends who would come over the house and see him. Well all of the sudden this family got a ton of money, bought a huge house and gave this son a huge room so that people could come see him and be more comfortable. But then it was like they were ticked off that so many more people came to see him. They assumed we were all there for the nice house and the money. I don’t know the situation all that well – I only when twice (once in the small house, once in the big house) but it’s like having money made the parents bitter. It was so weird.

And then I wonder if I am any different. When I went to Ghana I remember feeling quite used for my things, particularly in the village of Nsaakina. From what I could tell the people were very nice and helpful…. but I was interested in making deep, lasting friendships but they were just interested in my stuff (ie my money, CD player, etc). I felt lonely and used. And of course all this was compounded by the fact that I was a pasty white freak show they just wanted to come after school to watch. πŸ™‚ It wasn’t that bad – but it was interesting to be a minority. Anyway but I wonder if that’s how that family felt and that makes it more understandable why they were irritated.

Hmm well now I’ve been totally sidetracked on what I’m talking about. Now I’m thinking that maybe money has nothing to do with your generosity. Like maybe the two aren’t mutually inclusive or mutually exclusive. They are two totally different matters. Well if that’s the case then I want both – to be generous and to have money. Just so that I never have to worry about having toothpaste.


9 thoughts on “Money is the Root of All

  1. Whoa, that got me thinking. I’ve actually thought about this many, many times and I believe it’s all related to the stuggles that we need in this life to become stronger, anyway, I hope that you can always buy your toothpaste, and if you ever run out come grab a tube from my house, I just bought 15 when they were on sale for $1. I need your address you can e-mail me at brynlee79@msn.com. Happy B-Day this month!

  2. That is so funny~I’ve been thinking about this all day today. I was just visiting with my cousin whose husband has been doing finish work in this huge house. It’s weirded him out-he comes home wondering why he doesn’t have more than just his little house (but then he gets over it…). Will we ever get our houses in Holladay or are we destined to stick around in Sugarhood forever? Ultimately, does it matter? I don’t know, I just really hate how money weighs so heavily on everything everyday. Maybe we should move to Panguitch instead and forget all about it…

  3. I always thought evil urges was the root of all evil. Or Satan. Money is just as much the root of all evil as is water or air. I hate going to huge, awesome houses or getting a taste of the high life. I love my life and I love just getting by with everything we need and a couple things we don’t (but like having!). The more I realize that I don’t need a lot of those fancy things, the more I realize I don’t want them.

  4. I have to agree with you. Money can be used for good. It’s not the money that makes people evil. It’s the people that make money evil. I saw a huge house today and thought “What a waste of space.” If I had the money to buy that house, I would buy a smaller home and use the money for the future. Just so I don’t have to live pay check to pay check. I would have all the toothpaste I needed.

  5. Thought provoking, indeed. Having taken a huge (huge!) pay cut by moving from Nevada to Utah and going to a single income, I’ve learned a lot about money. In my opinion, the value of money (like most anything in life) depends on how much of yourself you put into it. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for your insight.

  6. Okay agreed: Money is NOT the root of all evil. But while we’re making general, blanketing statements, let me just add one phrase that I particularly find funny: “. . . I know SO many rich people who are just SO unhappy. . .” because A) The people saying that most like DON’T know any rich people, B) if they DID know anyone rich, they probably wouldn’t know them well enough to make any sort of judgement about their level of happiness and C) it’s most likely that their comment is being driven out of an attempt to justify their own lack of monetary success. Becca and I were at a Church service out in Herriman and all anyone could talk about was how old and cheap their cars were in an attempt to draw a line between Godliness and the year of their Honda Accord.People are happy, sad, good and evil all independant of their monetary status. For every one unhappy ‘rich’ person out there, I’d bet that I could name 10-20 who are, indeed, VERY happy. Personally there is no way to describe how happy I’d be if I could drive an Aston Martin into the 4 car garage of my huge summer home in Bermuda on my way back from my 9-5, 7 figure salaried job. Let’s not fool ourselves by throwing out statements implying that we do not secretly long for that sort of luxury. But I also am SO happy and fullfilled living in our sweet Sugarhood neighborhood with my beautiful wife and child surrounded by great friends. No one posting on this blog can honestly say that they wouldn’t be happ-IER with a Mill’ in the bank and no mortgage. If so, please feel free to disagree.

  7. Hi girl!The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. So no worries for you getting a lot of money and still being a good person! With all the stock market, lending institution problems, its a good thing that money isn’t everything, though, huh?Love you, Dottie

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