Midnight Snack

One of my favorite memories of childhood was getting midnight snacks. We actually never ate our midnight snacks at Midnight per se, but it might as well have been. To my young childhood sensibilities, eating after dark, right before bedtime felt as exciting and scandalous as staying up until Midnight. I loved those times – sitting at the table with my sister and sharing ice cream and cake with our mother or chocolate milk and toast with our dad. Food always tasted better at night. I think I might have passed this excitement down to Holden genetically – which would explain why he was so excited about eating a cracker at 10:00 PM the other night. We put him down for bed and he just kept crying for some reason. We thought he might have a tummy ache so we fed him a cracker and hung out with him the in the kitchen for a bit. He couldn’t have been more pleased. Afterwards he went down easily and slept . . . like a baby.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Snack

  1. I never have understood the saying “Slept like a baby”. The person must have had one of those perfect children that sleeps through the night from day one.

  2. My family was the same way. My mother always mad late runs to the gas station to get us cupcakes or candybars. I still have to have a snack before I go to bed.I love the picture of Holden reaching for your face. What a sweet picture.

  3. I am so with you on the midnight snacks (that were never eaten at midnight). It totally reminds me of my dad and makes me smile. What a great post.

  4. You are the cutest Mom! I love my cereal right before bed. My favorite is Peanut Butter Crunch. It helps me sleep like a baby. But, why doesn’t my baby sleep like a baby?

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